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【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!

06 March 2018





Part 1请参考:8个兴趣,8个选工方向 || 前途茫茫没有头绪?根据自己的兴趣爱好选工作,准没错!

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!



Company: AirAsia

Looking for talents:  Cabin Crew, Desktop Support Executive; Airline Support Executive; Regulatory Affairs Analyst;  Customer Care Officer; Software Engineer - Python;  Business Analyst Executive

Company: Malaysia Airlines

Looking for talents: Executive Digital Campaign; Service Delivery Program Manager; Security Officer, Airline Security; Customer Service Trainee; Senior Executive, Product Development 

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!


Company: Malaysia Airports

Looking for talents: Executive - Risk Management (Business Continuity Management); Senior Executive - Airline Marketing (Airline & Market Development); Senior Executive - Internal Audit (Information System Unit) 

Company: Traveloka

Looking for talents: Admin Support; Promotion Executive; Pricing Analyst - Hotel; Pricing Analyst - Flight; Quality Assurance; Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Company: Expedia

Looking for talents: Resource Planning Analyst; Destination Associate; Technical Support Analyst; Manager, Hotel Systems Technical Support; Sales Support Specialist - TravelAds; Lodging Partner Associate

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!



Company: YES

Looking for talents: Manager, Capacity & Performance Management; Customer Advocate; Executive - Social Media; Quality Assurance Executive; Executive Trainer

Company: TIME

Looking for talents: Customer Service Social Media; Customer Support Consultant; Digital Customer Specialist; Fulfilment Specialist; Budget Specialist; Content & Services Advocator; Product Development Developer; Marketing Specialist; Business Financial Analyst

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!    

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!



Company: Ticketpro

Looking for talents: Ticketing Services Coordinator; Call Centre Agents (Full or Part Time); Event Day Staff (Part Time) -Ticket Checkers/Sellers, Ushers, Supervisors

Company: Galaxy

Looking for talents: Multimedia designer, Marketing Executive

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!



Company: Ottotree Entertainment Sdn Bhd (Loudspeaker)

Looking for talents: Technical Officer, Purchasing Executive, Event Activities Executive, Accounts Manager, HR Senior Executive

Company: Red Box

Looking for talents: Asst Manager, Spervisor, Captain, Service Crew, Outlet Chef, Recept cum Cashier

Company: Neway Karaoke Box

Looking for talents: IT Executive, Accounts Assistant

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!    


Company: Celebrity Fitness

Looking for talents: Member Experience Executive, Payroll Administrator, Procurement Manager, Talen Acquisition Executive, Technician

Company: Fitness First

Looking for talents: Club General Manager, Health & Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer, Learning & Development Executive, Service Consultant, Technician

Company: AIBI

Looking for talents:  Retail Sales Executives, Distribution / Wholesales Managers, Accountant,  Advertising / Graphic Designers, Part-time Sales Promoters

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!    


Company: Loob Holding (tealive, llao llao..)

Looking for talents: F&B Supervisor; Operations Executive; Interior Designer; Graphic Designer; Accounts Executive; Trainer

Company: Chatime

Looking for talents: Tearista; Cashier; Outlet Supervisor; Outlet Manager; Management Trainee

【根据兴趣爱好选工作】Part 2更新!喜欢旅行的,唱K的,看演唱会的,统统进来找工!    


Company: Bizzy Body (The Slimming Expert)

Looking for talents: HR Executive – Payroll, Graphic Designer, Customer Service Team Leader/ Officer, Trainer Specialist (Beauty & Slimming), Beauty Consultant, Therapist/Beautician


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