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Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢

15 June 2017

不知道大家是否听过这个小资女品牌 Mizzue, 源于香港的设计师。这品牌严管包包的品质、细节、选料和设计以确保能满足市场需要,在马来西亚、香港、台湾、新加坡甚至澳洲和纽西兰的官网都能购买。平常这些包包的原价都介于RM 200 - 400之间,现在登入他们家的Second Chance Item 就有大减价,可是先声明这些包包是有些瑕疵的但不太明显,适合不介意的美眉而已哦!


Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢    

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢



Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢            

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢    

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢                

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢          

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢

Mizzue包包 | 钱包 | 手拿包半价优惠【 RM 50 - RM 150 】就买到了!还等什么呢


所以,还等什么呢?赶快在这里购买:Mizzue Malaysia


Refund, Return, Exchange Policy

Products can not be returned after the 7-day return period expires.

Products that are stained, either by water or other liquids, cannot be returned.

All items and accessories must be returned with the mizzue product tag intact and undamaged, unaltered and in essentially the same condition as when the item was shipped.

It is vital to ensure that you are able to produce a courier or postal delivery tracking number for us to follow up with. Without this, we cannot demonstrate that the returned item(s) has safely been received.

Second chance or Promotional items are not eligible for the 7-day refund policy. Second chance or Promotional items cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping times refer to the the time it takes for an order to be ready for pickup at our dispatch centre. Depending on the type of product and the availability of stocks, shipping times may vary from between 3-10 working days.

Delivery times refer to the time it takes to convey an order from our dispatch centre to the shipping address. Delivery time varies between 3-4 working days depending on prevailing international cargo traffic and the location of the shipping address.

Take note that a RM60 service charge is levied for change of delivery address after an order ships.

Shipment Notification

As soon as an order is ready to ship, we will send you an email to let you know. A courier tracking number will also be included for your reference and information.

Important! Excluded Delivery Locations

Unfortunately, due to current limitations with our courier agency, we regret that we are unable to deliver to these following locations:

Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak

Do check back regularly for updates as we work towards finding a solution.

Delivery Delays

Actual delivery times may vary from what is indicated for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, for example:

Customs and Excise Inspections – Goods delivered overseas are subject to customs clearance. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to determine how long it will take a shipment to clear customs. We regret any inconvenience caused in such an event.

Hot Selling Items – We generally hold a reserve stock of hot selling items to allow as many customers to place and receive their orders as quickly as possible. In some cases, our reserve stock may have been depleted faster than expected. In such cases, we typically receive stock replenishments within 3-5 days, which may entail a delay to the shipment.

Getting Help

You can contact Customer Services for assistance. Our customer services representatives will be happy to help and will usually respond the same day. If the request is made on a weekend or public holiday, a customer services representative will contact you within the following 1-2 working days.

If you notice any problem in this mind, please Click Here to report to us.

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